Apartment Tisja

April 26, 2016

Tisja – the Godmother of the Apartment at the Ground Floor

Tisja Kljaković Braić a famous Croatian Painter is a Godmother of the apartment on the ground floor. Actually it hasn’t ever proclaimed something like that. Nor it hasn’t hold ever an adequate celebration. It is just a consequence of the fact that Tisja drew the very spirit of this apartment. Netural one. The one I’ve been trying to make alive throughout years using different type of interiour and exteriour design.
With these small drawings (18 x 18 cm ) that are hanging under the king size bed in the bed – sit area, Tisja picked up those Life moments that are the very core as well as the very sense of Life. Without using conventional painter’s means, using only pencil and heart she showesr us those precious things that we forget under the mess of our consumistic life style.
Such as the spice herbs in the garden, glass walls that bring sunlight into inner space or paintings of culinary from the kitchen in the apartment at the ground floor these drawings vibrate really life. Isn’t it a task of art ? To enrich our life ? To make us erotical awakining a wonder ? Making us alive ?