‘This is the most secretive town I’ve ever visited. From one street to another always pop up something unexpectedly and inspiring. The terraces on the roofs, the walk clocks seemingly without any use, the sculptures on the places you wouldn’t expect… Locals claim that even they themselves do not know their town.’ Agata Germany, guest

‘The spring walks along the river Krka were so relaxing. Kilometers of pathways and small wooden bridges through Mediterranean forest, over the river, by panoramic views … Just Cate, me and nature.’ – Mark and Cate, Nederland, guests

Trip to Split

Žaborić is the geography center of Croatian Adriatic coastline. It means that during day you can explore many great spots and still be back in the apartment before night. On the east of Zaboric there is Split. You are familiar about Roman Emperor Diocletian’s palace there for sure, but have you known that he had […]