Bicycle route № 10

February 14, 2018

There are several bicycle paths in the area around Žaborić. Their length and level of difficulty vary; from a few up to around twenty kilometres. Some paths are more demanding, some less. They wind through hills and valleys, through fields, olive groves and vineyards.
Today I took a walk down the bicycle route № 10. It’s 7.5 km long. The start is behind the parish church. It led me east, toward the village of Vrpolje. After half hour of walking, it turned north toward Jadrtovac. Then going south I found myself at the point where I had started. I walked at a slow pace for an hour and a half.
It was a sunny day (15 °C), as it usually is at this time of year. The sky was clear blue and crisp from the last night’s rain. I took a few photographs and noticed that almond trees had blossomed….saw a floret here and there and one butterfly…