Zen vacation


Mišancija [mishantziya]

When I was a kid, I was the first one to wake up. I couldn’t wait for the sun to show up, to run outside and dive into the magic which was all around me. I walked barefoot, wandered through the hills, went skinny-dipping; I was happy, wild and free. I was picking wild fruits […]

Bicycle route № 10

There are several bicycle paths in the area around Žaborić. Their length and level of difficulty vary; from a few up to around twenty kilometres. Some paths are more demanding, some less. They wind through hills and valleys, through fields, olive groves and vineyards. Today I took a walk down the bicycle route № 10. […]


The Cathedral of St. James got a company on the World Heritage List – The fortress of St. Nicholas has joined it in 2017. This makes Šibenik the only city in Croatia with two properties on this prestigious list. This beautiful fortress is only 5km away from Apartments Mediteraneo. It was designed and built by […]

Dalmatian Stone Walls

There is an island in Šibenik archypelago 10 nm from Žaborić. 140,265 meters ‘square’ big this island might be the least cultivated island on the Adriatic sea. It’s called Baljenac. To dig a handful of soil below or between the stones, to make a field of one or two metar ‘square’, to plant a branch […]

Apartment Tisja

Tisja – the Godmother of the Apartment at the Ground Floor Tisja Kljaković Braić a famous Croatian Painter is a Godmother of the apartment on the ground floor. Actually it hasn’t ever proclaimed something like that. Nor it hasn’t hold ever an adequate celebration. It is just a consequence of the fact that Tisja drew […]

House near Sea

Apartments Mediteraneo is a  family house converted into four apartments in the way that preserving the warmth of family place each one acquired a certain personality. Each apartment is designed differently according its position toward sun and winds. But all of them have in common artistic touch and minimalist interior. The property is situated on peninsula surrounded […]

Redesign of Penthouse interior

a few days ago I finished redecoration of Penthouse. Passing through it I was witness of intriguing process that in some points appeared artistic almost. Things just happens so although they haven’t been meant to be such. Such situations I met occasionally in everyday life. At my hairdresser for example, He is really a good […]

Breakfast at Mediteraneo

Breakfast at Mediteraneo Another sunny morning appeared at Zaboric. It is beginning of March. Every plant blossom and smell. Asparagus appeared on Šibenik’s open market. At 9 o’clock came Marina with freshly picked asparagus,  eggs, shallots and homemade bread and made a breakfast. If you visit Dalmatia in this period up to Eastern, better said […]


Seemingly ordinary Dalmatian family house hide four unique apartments designed in a way which preserving the warmth of family place acquired a certain personality to each of them. All of them are unique in its own way, but each one has particular artistic touch and minimalist interior in common. Even in August you can always find a great spot at the beach. You will never have the feeling of crowd here which makes the place perfect for rest or intellectual work. You can visit all the most interesting places from The Plitvice Lakes National park to the UNESCO protected palace of the roman emperor Dioklecian in the city of Split; from the national park Paklenica to a place of pilgrimage - Medjugorje or maybe the town of islamic cultural heritage…