Dalmatian Stone Walls

February 12, 2017

There is an island in Šibenik archypelago 10 nm from Žaborić. 140,265 meters ‘square’ big this island might be the least cultivated island on the Adriatic sea. It’s called Baljenac.
To dig a handful of soil below or between the stones, to make a field of one or two metar ‘square’, to plant a branch or two its owners – the farmers from nearby island of Kaprije raised 23 kilometers and 375 meters of dry stone walls.
Using their hands only they weaved the lace of walls and paths making an unforgetable landscape art piece.
Stone walls were a common expression of Dalmatian life style up to the 20eth century. Millions kilometers of these walls like a silver network still cover from Istria to Dubrovnik whole Dalmatia. To the glory all Dalmatian farmers that for thousand years were cultivating rocky landscape by their hands only I decided to upload these beautiful photos made by famous Croatian photographer Ivo Pervan