Penthouse Zlata

Design with Mediterranean touch

The beauty of the Mediterranean is in its unique mixture of landscape, sun, wind, sea and scents. Therefore, the most important place is not in the house, but outdoors – in the shade of a plant that brings moisture on a hot summer day.

The apartment in the attic of the house covers all its surface. 100 m2 of indoors and outdoors is divided into living and sleeping area. 58 m2 of living area make indoor and outdoor space. Indoor space consists of kitchen, dining room, living room and creative room.
The inner space is organically connected with the outer space. Living room and terrace make a unit connected by a sliding glass door. The vine hugging the terrace gives a feeling of sitting in a garden. It is a perfect place to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, read a book, have a coffee spending all day long in the amazing Mediterranean atmosphere.

The minimalist interior combines modern new electronic appliances with the antique furniture typical for the area. Windows, skylights and glass doors connect inner and outer space catching the essence of Mediterranean lifestyle – permeation with sunlight, wind, sea and scents. Space abounds with natural light.

The kitchen is designed to make culinary art a play. Front window encourages communication with terrace while openness toward backside communication with living room. Large working surfaces, open shelves, the possibility of combining cooking by gas and electricity, wine glasses for different occasions, dining table for eight or more, make preparing and serving a particular pleasure.

There are two bedrooms and a bathroom in between. The bedrooms are oriented north-south. Each bedroom is designed in its own way. Their spaciousness and high ceilings make them breathable and naturally crisp, making hot Mediterranean nights enjoyable. The southern bedroom has its own balcony and is equipped with ceiling built-in speakers. The corridor hosts a permanent library of books which you are welcome to browse. There is also a book crossroads section where you can exchange books with previous travellers.
The apartment is equipped with a CD player, a collection of carefully selected CDs with ethnic, jazz, pop and classical music and satellite receiver with 13,000 radio stations from all over the world. A high-quality sound permeates every corner of the apartment, thanks to the ceiling built-in speakers.

 Price list

Period Price Min. stay
31.03 – 09.06.  early spring season 90 € 4 day
09.06. – 22.06.   late spring season 90 € 5 days
22.06. – 29.06. early summer season 1 100 € 5 days
29.06. – 06.07.  early summer season 2 130 € 7 days
06.07. – 24.08. high season 170 € 7 days
Period Price Min. stay
24.08. – 31.08.  late summer season 1 120 € 5 days
31.08. – 09.09.  late summer season 2 110 € 4 days
09.09. – 23.09. late summer season 3 90 € 5 days
23.09. – 28.10.  autumn season 90 € 4 day
23.09. – 01.05.2019.  rent per month according agreement 1 month


All prices are per day
In high season 07.07. – 26. 08. Apartment Penthouse is available from Friday to Friday