Trip to Split

February 20, 2019

Žaborić is the geography center of Croatian Adriatic coastline. It means that during day you can explore many great spots and still be back in the apartment before night. On the east of Zaboric there is Split. You are familiar about Roman Emperor Diocletian’s palace there for sure, but have you known that he had resigned the throne to spend the best years of his life there instead of Eternal Rome?

Anyway, Split’s old town is among 5 the most beautiful in the world but only to visit. Once you did it it is much convenient to share your experience while enjoying your deservedly dinner on the terrace under stars in Zaborić. 

There are 4 ways to go there. The first choice could be a two lane road we call Magistrala that go along coastline. The second is motorway that will bring you the fastest way into the center of Split. The third one runs over hills and after Trogir connects to Magistrala. The forth one could be by boat but still no one came to idea to organize sea shipping.

If I may give you a tip, take the adventure in the morning. As early as possible. The best before 8.00 to be sure to find a parking place before traffic jam from 9.00 0’cloc am. Take a motorway.

First visit a farmer’s market opposite side of eastern Diocletian palace walls. Buy fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese and meat as you won’t find it in supermarkets. Neither according the quality nor the prices. Store it in car and relaxing just as natives do go to Bar ‘Po Bota’ on Flower’s square. There order your espresso (one among the best in the city). It will put you in a indigene’s shoes.

In the shade with a view on the town that slowly wake up ready for new day you can enjoy authentic Dalmatian atmosphere. After you are enough pervaded with native’s life style philosophy go to arrive in Diocletian palace. Follow narrow streets that weaving through small antic squares filled with galleries, shops, bars and restaurants. There is a possibility to climb up on the city walls but let ask me about it once you arrived at my place as it is still a secret.

Around noon go to Bacvice Beach. It is a peace of sandy shore in the center of the town. Bačvice is just like Copacabana in Rio but not so famous (and just because worth to experience it). Capture your seats under a pine trees in the Bar ‘Žbirac’. Wear your swimsuits. Unconditionally give up to the sun and the sea. Have a swim or sunbath, enjoy cold drinks or refreshing shower, rest before leaving. 

On your way back take Magistrala road. Put good music on the radio and depart along the coastal road into a sunset.