Nearby lounge bar Shark at the Beach

a small place for a big vacation …

Žaborić is not a proclaimed tourist destination which makes it a perfect place for vacation. The village is located in a Grebaštica bay. It is surrounded by hills that protect it from the north winds and islands that protect it from the south winds. The place is quiet and calm almost without traffic. Uncrowded  pebble, rocky and sandy beaches.are all along the coastal line.

In village there are three loung bars that the most paint relaxed atmosphere here.  The cosmopolit Lounge bar Shark at the top of the peninsula  overlooking the island of sponge hunters and the old town of Krapanj. National Lounge bar Africa hidden in the thick pine forest above the sandy beach and Malibu mainly visited by locals in the small harbor.. There are a restaurant and pizzeria and two supermarkets. As in every Dalmatian small place there is a church.

All the other things that requires comfortably every day life style: Malls, pharmacies, open market, discotheques, tennis courts, recreation area with horseback riding activities, other restaurants and bars etc are few kilometers away in town of Šibenik.

Even in July and August it is not crowded and there is more than enough space to spread beach towel right in front of the sea.
In May, June, September and October it appears that everything is just for you: restaurants offering a plenty of space, number of waiters and guests is almost the same, you can see just a few people on beach. The sea is still warm ( 22 C degrees ). Days are  and the days are full of sunshine. It is so quiet that you can hear your own heart beating.

In March and November the temperature gets around 12-20 degrees Celsius with occasional rains. Perfect time for those who enjoy  their privacy or do intellectual work.